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Our Pitch Wars wish list!
























Okay, folks.


You're here which means you probably know what in the world this Pitch Wars thing is all about. But if you don't and you'd like to, just click the Wonder Twins above.


So... let's get down to it, shall we?



A little about Brooks:


My name is Brooks. I wrote a MG book called My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights that just came out by Delacorte/Random House. I live in Tennessee with my awesome wife and our goofball mutt-puppy, LeeLoo. I eat pizza whenever possible, drink way too much coffee, and am Queen's biggest fan. The band, not the lady. Although she's pretty cool, too.











A little about Caroline:

My name is Caroline. Last year Brooks chose to be mentor, and I was so excited! The best part? Making my story go from cool to amazing. I loved working with Brooks so much I asked to co-mentor with him this year!! I live in California with my awesome four year old daughter and waaaaaay too many pets. I like my sugar and cream with a dash of coffee, can eat pizza for any meal, and am constantly found dancing to Walk The Moon.









A little about what we're looking for:


We'll be looking for upper MG only. Genre doesn't matter to us. We just want a good story with complex characters and a compelling voice. That being said, we do have some preferences. We'd really love to see:

  • Stories with a diverse cast

  • Dialogue that'll make us laugh until something hurts

  • Quirky characters in crazy situations

  • Upper-level MG stuff that isn't afraid to tear into the gritty issues

And don't worry if your story doesn't fit all of these. If there's one on this list that makes you think, "Whoa, that's totally my story!" then send it our way. FAST!

Some of our favorite reads are Winger, the Better Nate Than Ever series, A Snicker of MagicThe Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy, More Happy Than Not, Holes, Bridge to Terabithia, and Wonder

What we're not really looking for:

  • High fantasy

  • Sports (unless it's something unusual)

  • Retellings of older stories

  • Lower MG (MCs in elementary school)

So why should you choose us? 

When we were in elementary school, our report cards always came home with Works well with others written in bright red ink. It also said things like Brooks won't stop chewing on Rebecca's hair, please have a talk with your child or Caroline continues to get lost on the playground. But you don't need to worry about that. You're too far away for me to bite and Caroline has a phone with GPS now.

What hasn't changed, though, is our love of collaboration. Throwing around ideas, building off of lines and scenes and stories. Taking something good and digging into it to find the great inside. 

That's what we have to offer. A literary shovel. Or a spade. Or hoe. Or our own fingernails. However we need to dive into your story and help make it even better, we'll do it. And together, we'll get your manuscript so clean and shiny, agents will be flocking to it like that weird kid in the back row to Rebecca's hair!









Or... ice cream.






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