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Author Visits . . .

I'm no stranger to the classroom. I've been teaching for fifteen years so I know how important it is for every second of the day to be filled with some instructional goal. That's why I make sure most of my workshops align to Common Core Standards. However, I also know that the last thing students want is another lecture, especially one from some strange cardigan-wearing guy they don't even know. That's why I make sure my workshops are fun and packed with hands-on interactive legendariousness. All of my workshops are designed for grades 3-8 and can be modified to fit various group sizes. You can contact me for pricing and more information.

However, I do offer free Skype visits throughout the year! If you'd like to digitally bring me to your classroom, contact me and we'll get a visit scheduled!



I have select times during the day when I am available for free Skype visits. These change from year to year depending on my teaching schedule. Fall, winter, and spring breaks are perfect times for me to Skype, but I'm always willing to do what I can to make a visit work. 

My Skype visits are generally 25 minutes and are designed for grades 3-8.

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