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Art Prints...

I've always loved drawing. Here recently, I've been getting pretty serious about it. My friends finally convinced me to sell some of my art, so here we are. Business mode activated.

But instead of you paying me for my art, I came up with an even better idea.

You want some art? Then I want you to buy some books from your favorite independent bookstore. After that, you can keep the books (of course) or you can donate them to a local library or school.

You're getting some art, I'm selling some books, our indie bookstores are getting some business, and kids are getting to read more books!

It's a win-win-win! Maybe even four wins. I'm not sure. I'm really bad at math.

Don't know what your local independent bookstore is? Just check this indie bookstore finder at


Small (5x7 inches): One copy of my book, My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights plus one more book of your choice

Medium (8x10 inches): Two copies of my book, My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights plus one more book of your choice

Large (11x14 inches): Two copies of my book, My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights plus two more books of your choice

What if I order more than one print?

Well, first off all that means you're cool. You're cool for supporting artists and authors and indie bookstores and libraries and schools and people who want to read. So, yeah. You're cool.

But I guess if you're talking discounts, then I suppose we can do that. If you order a few prints, just ask and we'll figure something out. 


How to order:

The actual print won't come with the title printed on it. That's just to let me know which one you'd like me to send. To order one or more prints...

1) Use the Contact Me page to let me know which prints you'd like and I'll email you right back to confirm

2) Order the book(s) from your local indie

3) Email me a copy of the receipt with the books you ordered so I can verify everything

4) Let me know where I can ship your pictures

The Road Crossed the Chicken
Hungry Lil Worm
The Ghost Story
Happy Fox
A Spelling Bee
Johnny and June
The Lighthouse
Tandem Centaur
Pug Games
Meet Cute
Bigfoot's Favorite Book
Willy's Wonderland
Feelin Stormy_edited.jpg
My name is Coral_edited.jpg
The Sniff
Little Nightmares
Keeper of the Mountain
Into the Woods
If the Shoe Fits
Rocket Girl
Wild Pitch
Fancy Feast
Deadly Delicious
Snarky Cat
Nic Cage in the Clouds
The Zoom Call
Happy Dog
Proud Pug
Hair Dune
Strawberry Frog
The Outpost
So Much Hope
Smart Owl
It Popped
Puppy's First Picture Day
Books are my Armor
Udder Space
One Rad Dude
Purty Bird
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